Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Initial Preparations

After nine months of serving the people in Lima Peru, three months more than we had expected, we returned home to continue seeking the Lord's will for our lives with respect to Peru. In the last three months that we spent serving in Lima, the Lord opened many doors for us and knit our hearts together with the people there. When the day came for us to finally say goodbye, we did so with hesitancy. On the one hand we felt the Lord's perfect peace about leaving at that particular point in time but on the other hand we felt drawn to stay, to continue on in the work that had begun to bloosom. Ultimately we followed the Lord's direction and returned home to seek Him more diligently concerning His will for us. There were so many unknowns, but one thing was for certain, we desired to return.

For months we have saught the Lord and struggled against our own wills. We have questioned the timing, the provision and an assorted number of other factors with regard to returning to the mission field. All along the Lord continued to speak to our hearts and keep His vision within reach.

As we approach our tenth month here in the States we feel the Lord calling upon us more earnestly to take heed unto His call. We can now say that we are confident that the Lord has called us to return to Peru and to continue in the work that was begun, to build upon that foundation which was laid. The Lord has clearly showed us to commit our works unto Him and that He will direct each and every one of our steps. We are now in the initial stages of preparation and are proceeding with the intent that we must be ready to leave as soon as the Lord provides the green light, at this point it seems to us that it will be circumstantally as soon as we are financially able to do so.

One of the largest decisions we must make will be in respect to our house. Eddy is working very hard to either have it ready to rent, or put up on the market. Please pray for us to have wisdom in this area and to be obedient in whatever the Lord shows us. We ask you to continue to pray for us, that we will be completely obedient to the Lord, even when the directions are difficult to step into.

We anticipate this journey to be one of faith... please continue to ask the Father for increased faith on our part, for we have come to know that without it we can do nothing. We want to see the Lord provide each and every step of the way, we desire that He receive all of the Glory, Honor & Praise!

The Preparation of the House

Commit your works to the LORD, And your thoughts will be established.

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Shelley Family said...

Will be praying for you guys. Are you thinking about returning to work with Koinonia?