Friday, June 4, 2010

Time for Paperwork

Early this coming week we will be traveling down to New York City to complete paperwork which will hopefully lead to the possibility of obtaining Peruvian passports for the kids as well as opening the door for my (Lisa) permanent residence in Peru. We had attempted this a year ago and ran into a snag but we feel that we should go to apply in person and give it another go versus waiting until we arrive in Peru. The advantage to entering Peru with Peruvian documents means that we will not be required to leave the country at a maximum of six months to renew our visas. Please pray for favor that the proper paperwork will be granted to us before we leave for Peru.

We know that the burning question these days is "do you have a date to leave," and the answer is still no. We do however have a peace that the Lord is in complete control and will open up that door in His timing. Our house is still for sale, now nearing almost the half-way point of our contract with the realtor. Please pray for discernment for us if in the event that it does not sell, how we would be directed of the Lord. In the mean time we continue to live in preparation.

The kids randomly have Spanish lessons with Dad.
We are trying to keep them fluent or at least well-primed for the immersion into a spanish-speaking culture. I've also been looking into home-schooling information and preparing for this facet of the trip as well.
We've also spent some time visiting with family and friends.
The above picture is of the kids with their older sister Sandra (Eddy's daughter).

At times we have had couples or families over for Peruvian type dinners to meet with them in fellowship and share a bit more in depth about our experiences and vision for Peru. We will continue to do this throughout the remainder of our time here and welcome any who are interested in a meal and fellowship in our home.

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