Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feliz Cumpleaños Eddy

Friday evening we had a missionary couple staying with us on their way out to the States for a time of furlough. We invited over another brother in the Lord for a small gathering in our apartment which provided for the perfect opportunity to sing Happy Birthday to Eddy a few days early. 
Although he is just a few years more than 3, I guess you could say we were celebrating three days early.
It's backwards too... opps!

The kids absolutely love singing Happy Birthday Peruvian style... that means first in the traditional English version and then the more lively Spanish version.

Monique, Marco and Eddy.
Marco & Monique are missionaries in Pisco.
Marco, Marcos & Eddy.
Marcos is the Pastor of Calvary Chapel in Barranco and it was a blessing to be able to reunite with him once again.
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It was a sweet time of fellowship for all. I thoroughly enjoyed having time to spend with a like-minded English speaking laborer and the men spent a few good hours edifying one another in the faith.

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