Friday, July 1, 2011

Una Sorpresa Especial - A Special Surprise

Yesterday was my birthday, my first in Peru. My lovely husband decided to surprise me and invite over a "few" brothers and sisters. Although I was a bit suspicious of his doings in the end it was a very wonderful surprise. I was wondering how he would manage to feed any visitors since we had nothing prepared for a party but he had that covered too. The sisters baked a few pizza's and brought over some sandwhiches to share, gracias hermanas!

They gave me my first book in Spanish
"The Disiplines of A Pius Woman."
Pollyanna and I
The most delicious Tres Leches cake.
Some of the brothers and sisters who came to celebrate with me.
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It was a great day, the best birthday that I can remember actually. I thank God for leading us to such a wonderful group of brothers and sisters and for my family that made this day so special.

Esta dia fue muy especial para mi, muchas gracias a todos que pasaron esta tiempo conmigo.


amy in peru said...

yay! feliz cumpleanos! ;) in peru!

amy in peru

Gina said...

Awesome! Happy Birthday!