Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Home Bible Study - Week 4

We had another great bible study last night and I remembered to grab a few photos to introduce you to some of our new friends. After the study we had an awesome time ministering one to another. There were a handful of people who attended who are considering their need for Christ's salvation and we were blessed to see the body of Christ work with such grace among this group. The study was about regeneration and our need to be born again, it really made an impact upon the hearts of many and we cannot wait for next week. Even our 5 year old daughter who sat through the study was sharing with her little brother today about the dead condition we are in (before Christ) and our inability to come to Him (I'm paraphrasing.)
The kids with their favorite friend Paula.

The men taking part in a bit of fellowship.

Eduardo & Ricardo

Silvana, Gracia & Igor digging into the word.

Women's ministry.

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