Friday, March 9, 2012

Just Cuteness

A few weeks ago we were studying rocks and jewels and so we took a trip to Parque de Las Leyendes were there is a replica of a mine. You might be wondering why there would be a mining exhibit at the Zoo but for those of you who are familiar with Peru you might recall that mining, especially for the all favorite gold mineral is especially big here in certain areas. The park, like Peru, is broken up into three parts; the coast, the mountains and the jungle. In each section of the park you can see various exhibits including animals from that particular region. It is a great place to visit, we've been more than a handful of times and we have yet to see everything.

lil' Miners

A tire from a tractor used in mining, a great prop for photos.
Today I heard a lot of commotion going on in the living room, when I went to see what was going on I discovered a small church assembled there. There was one devout worshipper present and bibles had been strategically placed on some of the chairs for those who might show up later. It was too cute.

"Turn to Genesis"

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