Monday, September 9, 2013

Travel Photos & News

Picking up were we left off a few months ago, here are some photos from Eddy's travels over the last few months.
In June he traveled with some Brothers from HeartCry up to the North of Peru to visit with the missionaries there. Here he is pictured with Pastor Javier of Paita, a small town located on the Pacific Coast of Perú. Javier works very diligently with the pastors and missionaries in the North and has become a good friend to Eddy.


After returning to Lima for a few days, Eddy and Luke headed over to Argentina where they were finally able to meet the congregation in Rosario. Both of them were equally blessed to spend time with such a fervent bunch of believers and thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship and warm hospitality.

A walk around Rosario after the Sunday service... and look, there is our Brother Adam (you might recognize him as one of the Acedemy students from 2011, he now fellowships with Nico in Rosario)!

Nico & Andrea, our beloved brother and sister.

Just this past month Eddy returned again to the North to continue getting to know the missionaries there. He had quite a blessed time with them and was invited to share the word of God every night. In this particular study he was struck by the sharp attention the brothers paid to the teaching, from the looks of the photo he was not kidding!
Over the past few months we have been through many trials and tribulations all of which the Lord has been using to form our characters and draw out His likeness in us. We praise Him for His mercy and grace He pours out into our lives, allowing us to continue serving Him on the mission field. We are excited about an upcoming trip we will be taking to the North, the first time visiting this region as a family. There, Eddy has been asked to teach in a conference for parents. In addition to the teaching our goal is just to spend time getting to know not only the missionaries but their families as well, we will be there for about two weeks time. Please pray for our safe travel as we will be driving (a two day trip one way) slowly up the Coast of Perú.

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