Saturday, January 10, 2009

Four Months in Lima

So I know that I am weeks behind in bringing you all up to date with our most recent happenings but for now I am going to temporarily forget this piece of information and share what is in my heart for the night.

In stopping to think for a minute I've just realized that today we have been in Peru for four months. In such a short period of time our lives have changed so much, this place has become our home. We have settled in to a new church, made new friends and I have even acquired new family as well. Only the Lord knows where He would have us to be in the future but for the time being we are enjoying the blessed opportunity He has opened for us to serve here in Peru.
These past two days have been such a blessing for me. As most of you know Eddy has been away on the outreach trip to Ica. Yesterday a sister from church came over to teach me how to cook "green spaghetti." She and her girls spent the day with us and kept us company. The night went smoothly as well and I thank you all for your prayers. I really prefer not to be alone all night here but thanks be to God I had such a perfect peace! Today another girl phoned to ask if I wanted company for the day and so we met and took the kids out to Miraflores (she has a two year old son.) I had a great time getting to know her and listening to her testimony. She is from Russia and has lived here in Lima for 13 years now. What she went through in her first few years is just beyond belief, what an encouragement it was to me to hear of her struggles here and to see how she has made it through and met her Savior after so many years. We treated ourselves to a Mediterranean restaurant and afterwards to our favorite ice cream place. She and Joshua came back to our apartment for awhile and the boys became the best of buds.
Here are some pictures of the two bonding.

Getting to know each other.

Causing mischief in the chair.

Sharing a platino (banana.)

Joshua feeding Josiah his Jello.

Well, Eddy is now on his way back from Ica. I'm sorry I do not have any details of the outreach yet. He forgot the camera but hopefully we can borrow some pictures from someone else. I think there were around 25 people that went.

You can continue to pray for us for our time table here in Peru. We have made the decision to proceed with the process of changing our tickets until early June. We will try to do this next week and if all goes well we will stay here in Peru for an additional three months. If for some reason we are unable to change the tickets (it shouldn't be any problem) then we will be returning home in early March. Once the tickets are changed we need to plan to "border hop," this means that we must enter another country in order to reenter Peru and renew our visas. Eddy has obtained an updated Peruvian passport so he will not have any issues as he can return with this. Pray for us (myself and the kids) that we will be granted sufficient visas for our remaining time here. After that we plan to travel a bit and know other ministries here in Peru. We have a few places (not ministries) in mind but we are praying to discern the Lord's will in this area. Pray that the Lord puts us in touch with the ministries of His choosing throughout Peru. Pray for us to discover His will for us here in El Peru.

May God Bless His People and grow us in His grace and mercy, Amen!

PS... ICA NOTE... I see Pastor Brian has updated his blog with lots of information about the Ica trip. You can check it out by clicking on the link to the right hand side of our page or for those of you reading this via email you can click here:

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Sarah said...

You'll have to tell me more about "green spaghettis"! I hope little Josiah is feeling better.