Sunday, January 4, 2009


A few weeks ago Denise organized a dinner for the couple in the church. Many of the singles in the church came together to entertain the kids downstairs while the grown-ups had a meal together upstairs at Pastor Brian and Betty's apartment. What a blessing it was to spend a little time in fellowship with the other couples. I took the opportunity to snap pictures of everyone so that we could introduce some of the people we fellowship with to you.
Lucho and Chipy

Marco and Tatiana

Luis and LiLi

Jorge and Blanca

Rebeca and Ivan
Awhile back we posted pictures of Rebeca's baptism, since then this couple as joined our congragation.
Ricardo and Pilar
Ricardo is the worship leader at church and his wife Pilar heads up the sunday school ministry. They have been a blessing to us and our children are very fond of Pilar.
Robin and Tracy
This is the other missinary couple who have been serving with Iglesia Cristiana Koinonia for over a year and a half now, they are also from the Unites States. They will be moving soon to Ica to begin a church as Robin has been traveling there every week for a home bible study.

Pastor Brian and Betty

We were laughing very hard in this picture...

Here is a picture of our plates minus the meats.
There was Choclo (it is corn on the cob except the kernels are huge and not very sweet) and papas (sliced potatoes that have been boiled) with Papa a la Huancaina sauce (my favorite).
Well, I know this post is short but we are so behind in our updates that I thought I would get up as much as I could. Tomorrow I will begin classes again and Hadassah will also go to register for the summer session in her school. Things will continue to remain very busy for us through out the week and Eddy will be leaving early Friday morning for the outreach in Ica. The kids and I will stay home, pray for us during this time as it will be our first time alone for more than a day.
Many more updates to come... one at a time or poco a poco (little by little) as they say here in Peru...

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Bill Herold said...

I have been praying for you guys during your time there. I hope that the Lord continues to bless your time there. May he also give you wisdom on what path to take next. Tell eddy I said hello

Bill Herold