Sunday, February 1, 2009

Catching Up

This month has flown by so fast and I do apologize for not having updated the site until now. Here are a few pictures from mid-December through the early part of January.
We spent both Christmas as well as New Years Day in Chaclacayo with the Eatons. It was just the eight of us for Christmas (Justin, Sarah, Eddy, myself and all of our little ones). We cooked a traditional American Christmas dinner with a few recipes that Sarah had brought from home. We did cheat however and buy a few Turkey breasts and a precooked ham. We ate the left overs for days.
Since we were completely stuffed from our delicious Christmas dinner and the homemade apple pie that Justin baked, we had to hold off on the chocolate and paneton until the following evening. It was Justin and Sarah's first time partaking in the tradition and we were happy to share in it with them, that chocolate was delicious!!
Hadassah and Josiah hanging out in one of the bunk beds we use while were are there.

Whenever we go to visit the orphanage the days are usually spent as follows:

The guys work all day until the last speck of light. They have been working on the deck and for these two trips they were installing the floor. Sarah was climbing the ladder here to get a peek at the progress.

Justin working some kind of power tool.

Eddy using the hammer.

Pepe waving, he joined us for the New Years Day trip.
While the men are working Sarah and I tend to the children, we have (2) two-year olds, a one year old and baby Anna is now eight months old.

Josiah enjoying some of Kathryn and Anna's toys.

Usually after we have taken care of breakfast and a few morning naps we take the kids out for a stroll to break up the day.
We sure are a sight to see... two double strollers (I've yet to see one in Peru) with four blond-haired babies.

I love walking the streets in Chaclacayo as they are so peaceful, you can actually walk in the street. This is a photo of the street Sarah lives on, tranquilla (peaceful.)
Sometimes we walk down to the main square and let the kids play in the park, they always have such a great time and it provides an opportunity for Sarah and I to have a bit of fellowship.
Just a cute picture of Daddy sharing his breakfast with his babies.
Hadassah has been invited to a few birthday parties and here are some pictures of her with her classmates at KFC. Here it is common to rent a KFC, McDonalds or other facility to have your child's birthday party.
Paying close attention to the DJ.

Enjoying her meal after the festivities.

Here she is with the "two Lucianas."
I think I already posted about how she would come home and talk of the two chicas or the two Lucianas in her class. I just assumed there were two girls named Luciana in her class. We discovered that there were not really two Lucianas, just one with a twin sister named Macarena.
(Luciana is the one in the striped dress, Hadassah just loves her.)

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