Monday, February 23, 2009

Cinco sole haircuts & A trip to the Zoo

As I am sure many of you have noticed by now that we have been sending out a bit more frequent updates via email and although they have been more detailed they have been lacking photos. Since many times in the updates we feel the need to share with you the names of people to whom we are ministering we feel it better to keep those things a bit more private by sending the prayer requests/updates to those of you who have requested to receive this information. If you are not on our email list please send us an email to and we will add you. We would like to continue using this site to post pictures of our everyday life and the people we meet and minister to here in Peru.
Sometime in early January the kids and I went to get haircuts in the neighborhood where Eddy grew up. I know this is not a very interesting thing to post about except for the fact that to have our hair cut it cost us less than $1.70 per person. Unfortunately the saying "you get what you pay for held true, even across the equator."
Saying goodbye to those curls...

Josiah did pretty well as long as he was entertained with various hair instruments.

He is looking more and more like a little boy everyday.

Hadassah and I were next. She got to sit on the horse.

The next day Lucho and Chipy invited us to the Zoo with their family. Peru is a very diverse country, the topography consists of desert, jungle (Amazon) and mountains (the Andes). This zoo was set up with animals and flora to reflect the various regions of the country. It was very interesting and we were able to see many different kinds of animals that are not in the typical Rochester zoo.
I think these were Jaguars.

These are condors, HUGE birds with a wingspan of up to 10 feet.

Monkeys, there were lots of monkeys. We had no idea that there were so many different types of monkeys.

Josiah enjoyed watching the monkeys.

We have no idea what this creature is, as I said it was interesting to see animals of which we had never heard of.

A lagoon in the Selva (jungle) portion of the park.

Lunch time. Chipy made us a picnic lunch, hamberguesas.

Siesta time.

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