Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near."

Last night we paused in our study of the gospel of John to show the video Countdown to Eternity (watch it for yourself: A few months ago we had a conversation about the last days and the signs of the second coming of Jesus with some of the people attending the bible study. Thanks to a few of you out there we were able to get this DVD to show to the people here. We made some fliers and passed them out to the people working in the near by market as well as to a few ladies in the park. Many of the people who have begun to come faithfully to the study also brought friends and family. In total we had eighteen visitors in our living room.

A couple that we have been getting to know over these past seven moths offered to help us set up and minister to the people. We made a lot of popcorn and arranged our living room into a small theatre. Eddy's brother let us borrow a bigger TV (we have just a small one that his other brother has let us borrow for the kids) and the neighbor downstairs (who has now become a regular) lent us her chairs. We were extremely blessed to see all the people file into our home last night. Three people whom we had never met came as a result of the fliers. Blanca, the lady Eddy met in the Internet location, returned again and brought a friend too. We have decided to continue showing other various Christan movies every other Friday night for the remainder of our time here. We are very excited about the next one which will be Fireproof.

After the movie we had a great time of questions and answers. We thank the Lord for bringing along Americo and Lucho to help out.

Another exciting development is that we are praying about adding an additional bible study on Saturday nights. As it stands right now many people are having difficulty making it by 7:30 PM on Wednesday nights due to work. We also would like to invest as much time as we can into these young sheep before we leave. Please pray with us for the Lord to raise up a man to stand in our place while we are away. As the time draws nigh for our departure we are beginning to see into our future and understand what the Lord has for us but continue to seek Him for all of the details. We know that He is working everything out according to His perfect plan and we are just waiting patiently on Him.

Please also pray for Eddy as he and Americo have begun witnessing in one of the prisons here. Americo had been going for about a month by himself and realized the need for an English speaking partner to share with the international prisoners. He asked Eddy to pray about joining him and the following week Eddy did so. It has been on Eddy's to take part in these kinds of ministries such as prisons or hospitals since we arrived and we are very glad that the Lord has provided an opportunity for him to take part. The day is a long one for the guys but they have had great fellowship thus far and are being thoroughly blessed by the ministry there in the prison. Two weeks from now our pastor will arrive to visit and Eddy has asked permission for him to be able to minister in the prison as well. When the sister they are working with heard this she arranged for a special meeting for them in an auditorium, so they are going to have the chance to share with the international prisoners for three hours!

Eddy asks you to pray for Christopher and Bill, they both accepted the Lord during Eddy's first visit to the prison and he was very touched by the time he spent with them.

We have felt so blessed lately as we look around and see all the Lord is accomplishing through us here in Peru. Of course with great blessings also come great trials. Please continue to pray for us for strength and wisdom.

Josiah and Hadassah testing out the new movie theatre.

Americo and Oninxha

The refreshment table, makeshift but you would never know it!

Unfortunately I could not capture all of the guests in one photo.

Yes I know, this one has nothing to do with the movie but it is a great picture of the kids playing with their friend Joshua. They were all screaming at the very top of their lungs in the stairwell, our poor neighbors, it is a wonder they still talk to us.

I missed a few weeks worth of updates but I do hope I can get back on and post about our friend Crystal's visit last week. Even more stories of how our Lord is moving in the lives of the people here. I also sent an email to some of you about sending us any used Christian or children's DVD's to bless the people here with. We can easily see from last night that the people are hungry to learn more and these materials could be put to good use. Let us know if you have anything to donate and we will arrange to have it brought to us in the next few weeks. Thank you all for your prayers and dedication to lifting this ministry up.

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