Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Initial Goodbyes

Tonight was our last bible study with our little group so we did something a bit special for them. Unfortunately a few people were not able to join us due to their work and sick children but one of the ladies brought a friend. Her name is Esperanza and she really liked the study, she was planning to come every Wednesday not realizing that this was our last meeting. The study was especially long with many questions. We carried them over into our time of fellowship and carried on until well after 10 PM. We made bocaditos (mini sandwiches) and ordered a nice cake from Torta's Gaby (our favorite postre shop) to enjoy with the group. We are very reluctant to leave this little flock as we see their hearts so eager to receive the word and with so many questions. We have been meeting with them one on one to disciple them and try to ensure they have a place or person to fellowship with after we leave. It truly is our desire to stay here and minister to them but it seems that the Lord is not leading us to do this at this time, maybe in the future?

Marisol, Blanca (behind Marisol), Esperanza, Silvana, Jesusa and Eddy.
Josiah playing with one of the few toys left in his room. We've begun sorting, selling and giving away stuff in preparation for the big pack. This time next week we will be headed for Miami were we will visit with family for a few days before heading on to Rochester. Until then, please continue to pray for us here and the sheep we are ministering to.

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