Sunday, May 17, 2009

Visitors, visitors, visitors!

We had our fourth visitor leave this past week, Grampie. My father (Lisa) came just in time for Hadassah's third birthday, what a nice present it was for her to reunite with her Grandpa.

The first morning he was here he was able to join Hadassah and her classmates as they sang Happy Birthday to her. It was her last day of school as they were entering into vacation for a few weeks and we will be returning home now in another week and a half. Hadassah did not want to leave Grandpa's side for the first day or so.

Another blessing for Grampie was that he was able to see Hadassah dance in her school the second day he was here. She was such a doll, as were all of the little girls dressed as mermaids.

The first three days of Grampie's trip were busy, the third one was the actual day of her birthday and we had a party here in the house for her.

We asked a girl from church to help us make a cake, it was so cute. We had a lot of the family and our friends help us out with the preparations for the party, it turn out so nice.

Hadassah with her gifts and the "two Lucianas."

When I asked Hadassah the next day what her favorite part of the party was she replied "Luciana."

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