Thursday, October 16, 2008

Campana Medica Santa Rosa de Villa - Part Three

Eddy & Lucho.

We met Lucho and his wife Chipe last year when we spoke briefly at another fellowship here in Lima. After the service Lucho approached Eddy and they began to chat. As the Lord would have it, they had known each other in their youth and now many years later as adults they have both come to put their trust in Jesus. Eddy kept in touch with Lucho the following year after we returned to the United States and as we were praying about where to serve in Lima, the Lord used Lucho to bring us here to Iglesia Cristiana Koinonia. Lucho and Eddy have become close friends over these last two years and we thank the Lord for yet another blessing.

Eddy goofing around as they prepare to open. If you can't figure out what is going on here then I guess you will have a little homework to do.

Eddy and Crystil setting up consultation stations.

Eddy and Lucho guard the door as a line forms on the first day.

The medical team arrives from Lima. They were a team from the United States that came for a week and did two medical clinics. Prior to the one here in Santa Rosa they went to the North and did one there in Trujillo. I have a link to their pictures if anyone is interested I'll forward it along (they have some great pictures).

Our "Luchito" as Eddy calls him.

Entertainment for the little ones as they wait.

More waiting

The Pharmacy

The medicines. (She came with the medical team, I wish I could tell you her name)

I'm sorry that I do not have much more information on some of these pictures but it is very hard for Eddy and I to catch up and sit down together at the same time. So I am filling in the blanks with the information that I do know. For those of you who are following this blog and want to leave comments with more information, please feel free.

Eddy & Lucho hanging out in the Pharmacy

This is the traditional way of carrying babies here. Mothers work all day long with their babies on their backs like this. Just the other day we were walking near our house and an empleada (a maid) was working with her child tied to her back. It is a sad life for the kids especailly when you see them on the backs or in the arms of their mothers who weave in and out of traffic trying to sell candies just to make pennies. Many of the children do not develop the simplest of motor skills as a result of being tied to their mothers all day long. If I had not read an article on this before coming here I would think it strange that ripping paper and scrunching it into little picees was really a necessary activity for kids. They do this with children just the same as we would color with them only they are doing it to develop the strength in their fingers.

Filling up water for the toilets. I believe they have to take this to the roof to use for flushing the toilets.

A consultation. The man in the black jacket is named Michael, he came especially for the clinic and stayed just a couple of days to lend a hand.

Such a cute picture.

Eddy said that this little boy was so shy and that he came in clutching this bunny, I guess it is his pet.

Views from outside the church in Santa Rosa de Villa.

Some of the children of Santa Rosa de Villa
On the last day the doctors donated some money to buy food for the local people. A team from the church went to the market to buy some staple items such as rice and put together about 17 bags to distribute to the people. After the clinic they went with the doctors to hand them out to the neediest families... below are some of the pictures they took as they traveled around the neighborhood.

Yes, she is washing the clothes by hand.

The team outside the church in Santa Rosa on day two.

Over the span of two days the doctors saw over 450 patients, wow! What a blessing it was to have them come and minister to the needs of these people, most of which can not afford to see a doctor.

I'm sorry it has taken us so long to finish this update but I hope you enjoy it. Eddy is actually going to continue teaching in this village once a month. Please continue to pray for us to discern His will for us here in Peru.

Another note, we are receiving mail from the USA so if you want to send something small or cards/letters it should arrive in about a weeks time (we have received a few things already). If you need our address just write and we'll send it to you.


Sarah said...

The lady whose name you said you wish you knew? Her name is Jeannie. She and her husband, Fabian, used to go to our home church before they moved. In fact, we ran into them at the Inca Market on their last day in Peru. Small world, huh? :-)

Michael E. said...

Really nice pictures. Was your husband sick that morning??? We had plenty of travelers diarrhea pills and how come he did not ask for help? Funny Eddie like always. Thanks for mentioning my name on one of the pictures. It was a blessing to be there and the glory only goes to Him. I had known Jeaanie and her husband for the last two years. Very hard working couple in serving the Lord on what He had called them to do.