Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Six Weeks in Lima

I was talking with a classmate earlier and I realized that as of today we have been here in Lima, Peru for six weeks already. The time has passed so quickly and for this I am thankful for. The transition moving from the United States to here was a fairly smooth one. I never realized that is was a "move'"so to speak but it has been. We have had to start a new life here with many of the elements that we are used to having been altered. It truly is amazing how the Lord has settled us and given us such peace in a city much different than we are accustomed to. I do not speak just for myself either. Although Eddy is a native of Peru, he has been living outside of this country now for twenty years with all the conviences of the first world. Yet, we do not miss those "conviences" in the least bit. This is one way that the Lord has confirmed to us that this is His will for us. He has given us the grace to deal with the things that take more time than we are used to taking, the dirt, the crime and the lack of many of our creature comforts. In place of the things that we may have "lost" He has placed in our lives warm hearts and new friendships. We have also been blessed with a a family who is always willing to help us with whatever we may need.

Now that we have been here for over a month we have settled into somwhat of a routine, although things are always changing and I suppose they will continue to. Friday is my last day of my current Spanish class, I should be moving on to level four next week. I am so excited to be finally learning Spanish and actually begining to have conversations with people. I thank the Lord he has allowed me the opportunity to do this. I also sat in with another missionary named Denise as she taught an English class last week, it seems like a great opportunity to get to know more people and I hope to continue this, Lord willing when she leaves. Eddy has been working hard in a variety of areas. He is helping another missionary named Robin to convert the back of the church into a cafe. A few Sundays ago they started serving lunch after Sunday service to raise money for mission trips. I believe they are planning a outreach to Ica in January and they would like to allow for as many people to go as have a desire. The addition of the cafe will make it a little more comfortable to sit down in eat as the church is located next to a very busy road. All you hear day and night is honk, honk, honk!!! He has spent a great deal of time teaching (well the time was invested mostly in preparing) these past two weeks as well. I know I am so far behind in updating you with photos but Iwill catch up once these exams are over. If you look to the right of the blog you will see two other links. One is for the other couple serving here full-time, Robin & Tracey Shelley and the other is for Pastor Brian's blog. You can also check these out if you want to read more about the work going on here.

One other note. We are going with two other couples to a nice place situated outside of Lima this Friday. I hear it is beautiful there (the name is Chosica) and I look forward to the time away. One of the couples that we are going with have become very good friends to us. We met them last year while we were here and as the time passes we realize more and more how the Lord has used them to draw us here. I'll write more on this later.

I promised you the final update on Santa Rosa and it is almost done. It is just a matter of finding time for Eddy and I to sit down (without children in tow) and writing down all of the details. Soon, maybe early next week.

Please pray for our time away, that the lord would speak to us about so many things. Also for a time of refreshment and fellowship with the other couples.

Oh, I keep forgeting to mention. If you use Windows Live Messenger (MSN) you can find us on there with the folowing address: we hope to chat with you soon, the kids enjoy being able to see people from home with this neat tool.

Oh, Oh.. one final thing... did you notice the poll to the right? Cast your vote for which animal you think Peru is best known for!!

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