Wednesday, October 29, 2008

El Dia de Los Ninos

We decided one day last week to take the kids to a nice part of Lima called Miraflores. There is a place here called Larco Mar which they have built restaurants and stores into the side of the cliff which overlooks the ocean. It is such a pleasant place to just relax, so we decided to get off the bus here instead of riding all the way to a park like we had originally planned. Once we walked close enough we discovered that they had an entire day planned just for the kids (El Dia de Los Ninos). We took the kids down to see all the animals and enjoy the free events. Josiah had a ball but Hadassah was a bit afraid of all of the characters running around.

A view from above. There are almost always clouds hanging over Lima as you can see here.

A view in the other direction.
Ocassionally the sun will peak it's head out and here is a view with a bit of blue sky.

They had these cute little ducklings for the kids to pet as well as bunnies. Hadassah wasn't trying to touch them but Josiah couldn't keep his hands off of them!

I'm sorry this one is crooked, for some reason the format changed when I uploaded it. It was too cute to leave out and I know Karin will appreciate it.

Hadassah with her favorite friends Pooh & Tiger. She wasn't so thrilled as some other walking character had just tripped into her lap causing her to become a bit hysterical.

Josiah relaxing and flirting with the ladies after lunch. Don't worry Theresa and MB, you are still his favorites!!

We did eventually make it to the park and the kids really enjoyed themselves despite all of the crowds. Josiah liked the fact that we let him crawl around everywhere (they had that green carpet stuff on the ground) and that he could manage to climb on a few things.

Hadassah is getting so big, she is growing up so fast. She offically started speaking Spanglish yesterday with a few more words today. I'm glad that she is begining to pick up the language. We are excited that we are going to her school this Saturday for a traditional festival. There will be traditional dancing (by the kids) and the opportunity for us to meet her schoolmates and their families.

We have a busy weekend planned ahead of us so if you could keep all of these things in prayer we would appreciate it. Eddy will be going to Ica tomorrow with Robin (this is the place that is a minimum of four hours away) and then Friday evening is our outreach for Halloween. We will be having puppets and mimes in the church with other fun games and candies for the kids (I guess you could call it a harvest party except it is not harvest time here!) Saturday we have the festival at Hadassah's school and then Eddy will be leading the usual outreach team in an effort to reach the neighborhood around the church (normally they go to places further out). I'm not sure what Sunday holds as of yet but I'll keep you posted. Thank you once again for your continued prayers.

Announcement: Josiah cut his first tooth yesterday!! Yah!!

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Sarah said...

Great photos, Lisa! Josiah looks so cute petting the little chicks and bunnies. You must be so proud of Hadassah, learning Spanish! When are you coming back?