Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chocolatada - Cañete

Two weeks ago we were able to visit the church in Cañete for their annual chocolatada. We squeezed Lucho, Eddy, myself and the kids along with Lucho's two teenage sons into his car and drove South for the day.
As soon as we arrived to Pastor Jiame's house Lucho and Eddy got right to work slicing up the paneton.
There is always time for fun when these two get together.
As I mentioned in the last post, Josiah has begun to climb on everything. I guess he wanted to get a better look at what Daddy was doing.

Jiame adding the sugar to the hot chocolate.

That was one big pan of chocolate!

This was the balcony at Jiame's house. Josiah was perched there checking out the action in the street below.

Here are a few things he observed...
The ice cream man... he knows these men well. They ride past the house every half an hour or so blowing their whistles. It sure makes getting dessert easy... too easy!

An orange juice stand.
Although we never eat from street vendors it is quite tempting when you walk by them and smell those freshly peeled oranges.

After we passed the afternoon with Jiame's family we headed over to the church. They have something like an after school program for the kids with an adult study later on in the evening. When we arrived the kids were already waiting in line.

Lucho and Jiame outside of the church.

They started out with some worship. Lucho, Eddy and Kristel were leading the kids.

There was a special puppet show for the kids.
There is a group of adults and teenagers from the church in Surco that do puppets and clown dramas as a form of outreach.

When I wasn't taking pictures I was in the kitchen with Jiame's wife. We were serving up all of that delicious hot chocolate.

Jiame was giving the kids a lesson and asking questions. They all were very eager to answer and when they did he would give them a treat.

Eddy & Jiame serving the chocolate.

Enjoying their chocolate and paneton. There were forty-five kids.

The week before we went to Cañete we went out shopping to buy presents for the kids. Angie and I ventured into Lima in the heart of Christmas season (it took us almost an hour and a half by bus) to buy some things. We got each child a notebook, pencil with sharpener, small box of colored pencils, an eraser and some candies. Afterward we got together with Denise and wrapped up everything, Hadassah tagged along to help as well. It was a fun day for me as I do not have the opportunity to serve outside the home to often. It was great to be able to bless the children and see their smiles.
Hadassah handed out some of the gifts as well. I love it that she has been able to help out in small ways and take part in the ministry.

I was trying to coerce these girls to open their gifts so that I could get a video of it. I guess they wanted to open them later but I did manage to get them to peek inside.

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