Sunday, November 2, 2008

Villa Natalia

Two weekends ago we were able to get away for the night and head out for the mountains. It was a nice change of scenery and literally a breath of fresh air. There is such a difference in climate once you drive even a hour outside of Lima. The temperatures allowed for shorts and even required sunblock... too bad we forgot the bug repelant!
We went with two other couples and their kids. The one couple is Lucho and Chipe which we have wrote about in past entries. The other are friends of theirs from another near by church.

A view of the river valley as we drove up in to the mountains. Notice a little green? This is a result of the river running through the valley, everything else around is just brown earth.
A pipeline that pumps water up the mountain to be released back down again creating energy. This picture was taken from the campsite.

This was taken from a rock above the campsite. If you look at the very bottom of the photo you will see the roof of the place we stayed in. Very basic accomodations but you can not beat the price... $10 a night!

These are the mountain roads that must be driven on in order to reach the campsite. Do you see the car in the picture? There were a few times I couldn't see the edge of the road outside of my passenger window! Of course Lucho assured me that he was quite the fair driver and I need not be afraid... it didn't make me feel any more secure.

A very pituresque bridge, nice to look at but not so nice to cross... especially with a baby in hand!

Another view.

We went for a short walk up the river and saw some horses feeding. They were not wild but belong to the owner of the camp.

El Rio - The River

There was a trench built to divert water away from the river for use in various ways in the camp... our dishes being one of them. I loved hearing the gurgle of it in the quiet of the night. I also enjoyed waking up to crow of roosters!

Another view through the rail on the bridge crossing the trench (I'm sure there is a better name for this)

The night we arrived Lucho blessed us with a huge feast all cooked over the fire.

Lucho insisting Eddy try the Lomo (tender meat).
All of us preparing for the baptism.
"See, here is water. What hinders me from being baptized?"
One of the highlights of the trip was a baptism Saturday afternoon. A few days prior to the trip Eddy received a phone call from Lucho asking if He could baptize Rebecca and her son. Since there was water and nothing hindering us, we went ahead and proclaimed with Rebecca and her son, their new found faith in Jesus Christ.
Rebecca and her son Sebastian.
Rebecca was the first to be baptized.

Her son next.
Eddy and Lucho embrace and pray afterward.
What an honor to be able to take part in such an event.

Rebecca, her husband and her son with Eddy & Lucho.

Sebastian and Yevone (Rebecca's husband) relaxing after the baptism.

Little Hadassah sitting quiet as a mouse.

Father & Son

Lucho cooking us another meal. Lemon Chicken and Papas (potatoes).

Josiah enjoying a morsel of bread for breakfast.

Last but not least, our little Josiah is growing up so fast and is quite a handful. Here he is exploring the suitcase

Well, I'm happy to have finally posted this entry. I have a couple of more lined up for you already. Eddy took a trip to Ica this past Thursday (a four and a half hour trip one way) and then on Friday we had an event at the church for the kids.

Did anyone ready about the "earthquake" here on Saturday? I say earthquake because the paper reported it that way (4.5) but everyone here says it was a stong tremor and indeed it was! The first tremor I experienced I could only hear but this one I felt. This is the "month of the temblors" (tremors) and this is one thing that will surely take some getting used to!

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Hi Lisa...I'm sorry to hear the kids are sick...I will be praying for you! Your pictures are amazing!