Saturday, November 8, 2008


These past few weeks the entire family has been ill with various aliments. The kids had bronchitis and ear infections and Eddy and I have been sick with cold/flu like symptoms. I'm actually heading into round four of some type of cold or allergy which has made life a little bit difficult at times. The climate here is very different and quite deceptive. The air is humid and the weather changes without warning which can cause one to catch a cold quite easily. This seems to be the climate in Lima alone for if you travel a little bit in any direction the weather is much more reasonable and for this reason many people have begun to move to the out lying areas of Lima.
Daddy trying to soothe Josiah to sleep, he was in such discomfort... he was also cutting his first two teeth on top of his bronchitis and ear infection.
Finally he fell asleep in Daddy's arms, I couldn't resist the photo opportunity.

Robin sharing the word of God in Ica.

A few weeks ago Eddy had a chance to join a few other brothers for the Thursday night bible study in Ica. They left around 1 PM and traveled for about four hours South by bus. They spent some time witnessing to a few different people and deciding where the outreach will be held in January. The church here in Surco will be taking a trip to Ica to hold an outreach for two nights there in one of the parks. They have been preparing for months now, saving up so that everyone can go on the trip who has a heart to. One of the objectives of the cafe in the church is to raise money for trips like this. After they had dinner they began the study which lasts for a few hours and then they took the long trip back home, arriving somewhere around 4 AM. Eddy had a great time and hopes to be able to go again. I am excited as we plan to go as a family for the outreach in January.

The missionary who has been traveling to Ica every week to hold the bible study will be moving with his family there in a few months. The people in Ica are very happy to have someone to come and teach them the word of God. You can read this missonary's blog as well, there is a link to the right (Robin & Tracey Shelly).

On October 31st we held a festival for the kids at the church here in Surco as an outreach tot he community. Here the kids are singing a few songs.

The guy in the white shirt is named Jimmy. He has become a good friend to Eddy, we are so thankful for all of the wonderful friends the Lord has provided here for us.

A skit with clowns

A puppet show.

Hadassah all dressed and ready for the mini-olimypics this week in her school. Her class is green, hense the reason she looks like she is ready for St. Patricks day.

She really has such a beautiful smile but it can rarely be captured on camera, this day she was so excited that we were able to capture a handful of nice photos.

Pom-poms to cheer her classmates on.

Another rare photo, one of my princess and I together... and look she is even smiling... priceless!!


  • Please continue to lift us up in prayer for complete healing from all of our aliments. It has been very hard for Eddy to serve in church while he has had to take care of us here in the house. We've been feeling better these past few days so he has been able to get back into "the swing of things."
  • We will be going on a church retreat for the day on Thursday. We'll be getting out of Lima to the place I posted about before Villa Natallia. We will spend the day there and then stay a night or so with another missionary couple that are starting an orphanage in Chaclacyo. They are also from the States and have two children similar in ages to our own, I'm looking forward to the fellowship. I think the change in climate (warmer, drier and no smog) will help us to mend... please pray that it will.
  • For discernment in many of the decisions we are facing with regard to the length of our stay. Whether or not we should extend the ticket or return as planned and then come back for a longer period of time. Where we will live if we stay on longer and all of those little details that we will need to work out.
  • Pray for Eddy as he is now spending an extra day with the pastor here in a discipleship class. This is a praise as it is something Eddy has wanted to do for awhile but it is also a new venture for him as he is used to working with his hands. Pray for the Lord to teach him how to now be a student and to balance all of the commitments he has.
  • I also ask you to pray for me for direction as to how I can be more involved with the fellowship. I am hoping that I will have an opportunity to join two of the ladies from church as they go every other week or so to Santa Rosa for more of one on one discipleship with the women there. I also may need to take a break from my class this month if there are not enough students to fulfill the class size requirement. Although I am enjoying my time studying I am am praying about what the Lord would have me to do if the class is canceled. Should I take a break altogether (not study elsewhere for the month) and focus on something else?

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