Monday, November 24, 2008

Villa Natalia/Chaclacayo

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!
Psalm 133:1

Un Rey (A King)
Josiah has captured the hearts of many a female here in Lima, here he sits with a few of his admirers on the bus ride to the country.
Once we arrived, all forty plus of us, we got together for a time of worship. Pastor Brian shared a a bit from the word and then a woman named Elvira from Santa Rosa shared her testimony. She traveled with us in order to be baptized.

Worship time.

Ricardo our worship leader.

I have a video of a worship time in the church I would like to upload but I am having trouble doing it, I hope that I will be able to post it so you can experience a little bit of what we have here.

Eddy's brother Kike came along with us on the picnic. It was a blessing to have him, he even brought a tent for the kids to nap in, that was a great idea.

Jimmy, such a nice guy and one of Eddy's closer friends here.

Josiah and his Uncle Kike having a good time during worship.

Elvira sharing her testimony, Pastor Brian encouraging her.

Does this place look familiar? This is where we had the baptism a month earlier and were planning to do so again that afternoon. When we hiked to the spot we discovered that it was laundry time for some people and had to hike back down to the pools.

Miguel resting above the pool.

Lucho beginning a trend of diving, the guys had a blast diving off these rocks.

Ana, another one of Josiah's fans. Josiah discovering the hand drum.

Futbol, a game of soccer to pass the afternoon.

I think this is a first, a picture of Eddy & I.


The entrance to Villa Natalia

The hike up a long hill to our awaiting bus. We were lucky he took us that far, we were not persuading him to go down this hill.
Hadassah was having a ball running up the hill. She actually decided to stop and pose for a picture.

Look, the bus is now in sight.

A view of Villa Natalia from the road.

On the way back out we encountered livestock in the road. We had to move to one side to let them pass.


On the way home we asked to be dropped off in Chaclacayo, a town about an hour east of Lima. Here an orphanage is being built for Peru's street children and there is an American couple overseeing the work. We read about them before coming to Peru and had the opportunity to meet them one Sunday morning while they were visiting our church. They have two babies just about the same ages as our little ones. We decided to stop and pass a night there with them. We had a great time of fellowship and Eddy was able to lend a hand to Justin with his current project, a deck.

The kids had a great time, don't they look so cute eating their breakfast together?

I also had a great time passing the day with Sarah, Justin's wife. It was nice to chat with someone in a similar situation as I and very nice to have company while Eddy worked. While the guys were working we decided that we should go for a walk but could not figure out how we would do it with four kids. The roads outside the orphanage are not paved which would not prove to be very suitable for the two-year olds to walk on so we had to think of another plan. We managed to put all four into the backseat of their car and drive to the town square (don't worry moms, it was a short drive).

Kathryn and Hadassah taking time to smell the flowers.

New best friend.

We left Justin in charge of the babies and well...

Just kidding, we were all right there, but he was really sleeping as the kids romped around him.

Eddy working on the deck, well taking a break anyway.

OK, here he was working.

The orphanage, almost complete and ready for kiddies. They probably will not get them until early next year but they hope to be ready. This is the same place that I wrote about a month or so ago that was robbed just before they moved in. God has been very gracious to take care of them despite the enemies attempts to slow the work.


Sarah said...

I love love love the pictures of Hadassah and Kathryn playing in the park! Love them! I need them! :-) Thank you again, we had such a wonderful time! Kathryn keeps talking about you all, calling you Ms. Lisa, Hadassah, Josiah and "People", because apparently that's Eddy's name! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh no! H has a new best friend!?!?!?
Actually Julie was looking at your pictures on our fridge and naming everyone in the picture the other day.