Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving and various other updates

We celebrated Thanksgiving this past Friday at Robin and Tracey's house with a few other American missionaries and a handful of Peruvians as well. Everyone made a few dishes to pass, it was a great time.

Robin slicing up the Turkey

Betty & Pricila feeding Josiah some sweet potato pie... the only thing he didn't refuse to eat.
Betty is Pastor Brian's wife and Pricila is their youngest daughter.

He really liked that pie.

Oninxha just came for the desserts... haha.
They were so delicious and all homemade. Here almost everything needs to be made from scratch, and I mean complete scratch!! Forget the Stove-Top stuffing... I did actually see some canned corn the other day in the store, over $2 a can!!

Hadassah playing so nicely with all of her new friends.
Just this past week she has really started to warm up to everyone. She is actually giving kisses to a few select people now (here you greet females with a kiss to the cheek.)

We ended the afternoon with a "friendly" game of UNO.

Yesterday we took the kids to Miraflores for some ice cream, sometimes we need to have a little treat.
Here Josiah is antagonizing Hadassah who was sitting in the stroller next to him.

Here Hadassah was enjoying her ice cream too much to care.
Did I ever mention that everyone here asks us if the kids are twins... whenever we are out walking people stop us just to oh and ah over the babies... they can not get over the blue eyes.
Today Eddy told me some exciting news. Hadassah was chosen to be part of a graduation ceremony. I'm not sure exactly what the program will be about but it will take place on the last day of school - December 16th, and she will be dancing. She gets to wear a special outfit that they will make just for her, I am very excited to see her up on stage. She did not get to participate in the last festival as she was not ready, so I am very proud of her having been chosen this time. I never did post the pictures, they are from early November. There was a holiday here to celebrate the traditional dancing styles of Peru, the kids are dressed accordingly.
These are some of Hadassah's classmates. They were so cute dressed in their costumes. The decision to put Hadassah into this school has proven very beneficial in many ways. She is slowly beginning to say words in Spanish and seems to understand everything spoken to her in Spanish as well. She is also learning many things, she has become quite good at counting already (up to three so far.) They give her homework and work with her on many different projects at school.

Mentioning school... today my Spanish class was canceled for this month as we did not have enough people to have a class. I am actually looking forward to the time off as things have been so hectic around here. Eddy has been taking an additional discipleship class with Pastor Brian that requires a lot of quiet time for him. Now that I will be home I can take care of Josiah in the mornings which will free him up to study and help out a bit more in the church. He is gone to the church most evenings and has various outreach commitments throughout the month. I hope to be able to join the ladies now for their weekly prayer meeting as well. I'm praying for opportunities to now practice the material I have learned in class and the doors are opening for that which is exciting.

Another thing going on this week is the Primer Cumpleaños de Josiah (his 1st Birthday.) We are planning a fiesta with friends and family this Saturday the 6th (his actual birthday.)

Our little boy has grown up so fast.

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you...

Finally we want to take the time to thank you all for your prayers and support. We appreciate each and every one of you who takes the time to lift us up daily or as the Lord impresses it upon your heart to do so. We are so very thankful for the opportunity the Lord has provided for us to serve in Peru. We have been praying about extending our time here to early June and we trust the Lord will direct us.

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